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Obrežna ulica 57
2000 Maribor
tel.: +386 41 681 171

Manager: Peter Žula

Gallery Žula was established in 1995. It has worked at various locations in Maribor, Ptuj, and Ljubljana. It currently works in Maribor, at 57 Obrežna Street, the location of its exhibition area and its art collection. Since its establishment, the Gallery has organized over 60 exhibitions. It features works of its artists at numerous art fairs. In its own edition, it has published over 40 catalogues of artists exhibited at the gallery. In 2002, the Gallery presented its art collection at the Art Gallery in Maribor.

Gallery Žula was primarily established with the objective of presenting those Slovenian artists whose radicalism made them relatively unknown and less presented to the public. The Gallery thus connects artists, art criticism, and art audience into a whole, with each segment performing its specific and autonomous task and contributing to the creation of the Gallery image. Such positive environment is the stage for Gallery Žula for exhibitions of top contemporary artists accompanied by catalogues, with the best exhibited works bought and deposited in the gallery art collection.

Authors at the Artexchange Fair:
Boštjan Novak, Mirko Rajnar, Oto Rimele, Jože Šubic