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Umag / Umago

Marino Bembo 9
52470 Umag

Manager: Slavica Marin

Situated in the historic nucleus of the town of Umag on 100 square metres of exhibition space of the new building whose construction started in 1996. The building leans against the existing medieval wall thus merging the whole facility with the historic town nucleus.

The Gallery set up its activity in 1997, promoting the contemporary artistic production of Croatian and international authors ever since. Among others, the following authors have been exhibited at Gallery Marin: Mirko Zrinšćak, Vlasta Delimar, Dalibor Martinis, Edo Murtić, Dušan Džamonja (Croatia), Dušan Tršar, IRWIN Group (Slovenia), Masaki Hirano (Japan), Zoe Leonard, Bruce Nauman, Jack Pierson, Andres Serrano (USA), and many others. Together with the realization of its planned programme, the Gallery also realizes long-standing collaboration with the Republic of Slovenia, which means that it organizes annual exhibitions and participates in art colonies of artists from Croatia in Slovenia and vice versa, hosting artists from Slovenia in Umag. Other cultural manifestations take place at the Gallery besides the figurative arts programme, such as the Book Fair, literary evenings, and other.

Authors at the Artexchange Fair:
Slavica Marin, Ivan Mesek