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Zagreb / Zagabria

Kaptol 26
10000 Zagreb
Tel: +385 1 4818 400

Manager: Elvira Kranjčar

Prostor (Space) Kranjčar as a unique multimedia space launched its activity in the spring of 2007.

At the invitation of the owner and manager Mrs. Elvira Kranjčar, Dean Jokanović Toumin, contemporary artist with international experience as a selector and Dr. Blaženka Perica, internationally renowned contemporary art theoretician, launched the exhibition programme with the cycle ”Absent / Present” comprising four exhibitions: Ivo Gattin, Julije Knifer, Edita Schubert and Marijan Jevšovar. Said artists have left a profound trace and exercised influence on the Croatian art scene and their works are additionally valorised by the activity of Prostor Kranjčar. The new 2008 cycle ”Un-predictable” internationalises the gallery activity. After the recently closed exhibition of the always spirited and provocative Ivan Kožarić, the gallery features works of Toni Meštrović and Nina Ivančić, and a true world star artist – British sculptor Tony Cragg. In the coming years, in addition to world-renowned artists, Prostor Kranjčar will be opened to the youngest participants of the Croatian art scene.

The gallery has a strong commitment to education. In this relation, it has launched the annual publication of themes that marked the activities of the previous year.

Audio/video production, music performances, and introduction of stage movement will provide an additional contribution to the issue of production on the contemporary scene.

Particular attention is devoted to collaborations with similar institutions in Croatia and Europe and joint productions of projects and exhibition exchanges.

At the moment, the Gallery is featuring the Project ”Absent/Present” co-produced by the Art Gallery in Split for the next season.

Author at Artexchange fair:
Sebastijan Dračić