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Pula / Pola

Forum 2
52100 Pula
Tel: +385 52 210 238
Fax: +385 52 382 910
Mob: +385 98 954 80 85

Managers: Borut Cvajner and Tihana Nenadović

Located on the central square in Pula- the ancient Forum. Situated on the ground floor of representative, former bank building. Four ground floor arched windows visually associate it with the Augustus Temple and the Town Hall.

Remnants from 1908 and 1928 can be seen in discovered and preserved wall decorations (wreaths, mascarons, medallions); on the illusionist portal bearing the emblem of saving and on the representative, cassette ceiling.

Two-floor, bank vault from 1928 serving gallery activity. Gallery exhibition space, together with KunstKafe Cvajner, covers the surface of 230 square metres. It was established and it has worked since 05 May1998, with year round programme. With its multimedia approach, it covers a wide range of various cultural events of the town and the region.

Every year, the gallery organizes ten (solo, group, retrospective, or studio) exhibitions presenting recent artistic production from Croatia and abroad. It has organized retrospective exhibitions of Edo Murtić /1939-1999/, Dalibor Parać, Afro, Renato Percan, Mate Čvrljak, Eugen Kokot, etc.

It organizes the annual ArsAttack, the exhibition of recent works of Istrian graduate students with Croatian and foreign degrees. The Galley collaborates with museums and galleries, institutions and associations working in the domain of contemporary art and extended media.

The Gallery both exhibits and sells art works, and it has its own collection of art. The Gallery accompanies each exhibition with a catalogue. In collaboration with an expert team, it has published, co-published and is currently preparing the following monographs: Mate Čvrljak, Eugen Kokot, Renato Percan, Mirjana Marušić Gorska, Labin ateliers, Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium, etc. Gallery established its Arts Council with the following members: academic sculptor Josip Diminić and art historians Branka Arh and Gorka Ostojić Cvajner.

Authours at Artexchange Fair:
Roberto Krajcer, Vanja Popek, Denis Sardoz, Ivana Vratarić Vojnić, Marko Vojnić Gin